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Belly Bean Imaging helps expecting parents capture pictures, videos and sounds of their baby with top-of-the-line ultrasound imaging equipment and highly trained staff. Our most requested packages are listed below, and include 'Quality Time.' 


We can come to a space that you choose  -  your home, a friend's home, even an event. This gives a whole new meaning to Throwback Thursdays... imagine sharing your prenatal pictures and video!


We've designed a range of packages to meet your wishes for a private session or a group environment; either way, your comfort is our priority.   

As explained in our FAQ page on this site, 2D imaging is black and white; 3D imaging is a 3-dimensional image and 4D is video.

Belly Bean Sprout Package


* Two individual sessions

* First session 15 minutes, Second session 20 minutes 2D, 3D and 4D non-diagnostic ultrasound

* Gender assessment (optional)

* Listen to heartbeat

* DVD or USB of images and video for both sessions

* 3 (three) standard 4x6 photo's for each session (six in total)

Quality Time With Baby


Our most popular baby imaging package! You get:

* 20 minutes of non-diagnostic ultrasound with 2D, 3D and 4D imaging

* Gender Assessment (optional)

* Listen to your baby's heartbeat

* Your own keepsake DVD or USB of all images and video

* 5 (five) standard 4x6 photo's

Sneak-A- Bean Peek Package


* 15 minute 2D, 3D and 4D non-diagnostic ultrasound

* Gender Assessment (optional)

* Listen to heartbeat

* USB of all images

* 2 (two) standard 4x6 photo's

Gender Package (20 + weeks)


* 10 minutes 2D non-diagnostic ultrasound

* Gender Assessment

* Listen to heartbeat

* 2 (two) standard 4x6 photo's

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